Aicoin 50mg 08121

Komposisi: Vit B1 100mg, vit B6 200mg, vit B12 200 mg vit E 50 mg.

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Kegunaan: Neuritis (radang saraf. 08121 460064 - YM Admin: [email protected]

Disclosed is an adhesive skin patch having an SIS block copolymer as an adhesive component, which has an improved handling property and can reduce irritation to a user.National Academy of Sciences. Daily administration of 50 mg. M.S.S. was supported by National Institutes of Health Grant HD-08121. D.S.K. is in the Molecular.

Pyrazinamide is a first line antituberculosis medication, but is used only in combination with other antituberculosis medications such as isoniazid or rifampin.

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