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Answer (1 of 1): It is hard to give an accurate value of 2 shillings from 1966 without knowing the condition of the coins.

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Jump to bottom. I never did understand the monetary value of the shilling, but costs were expressed in pounds, shillings,.Shillings (27 coins) Drake Sterling Numismatics was established 2007,.

It replaced the shilling to get ready for the vast currency.Use this coin size chart to determine the correct size for your coins. US and Foreign Coin Diameters. Pre 1816 Shilling (25.5mm) 26.WHATS THE VALUE. Another word for two shilling coins is florin when it comes to those issued in the.

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The British florin, or two shilling coin, was issued from 1849 until 1967, with a final issue for collectors.

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Find great deals on eBay for Two Shilling Coin in Florin and Two Shillings Coins.Subscribe to a NumisMaster Coin Price Guide today, and discover what your coin is worth.

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Remaining examples of the 1956 two shilling coin are highly collectible.Enter your email address to subscribe to the Australian Coin Collecting Blog and.

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The shilling was a coin worth one twentieth of a pound sterling, or twelve.Find great deals on eBay for Two Shillings in George VI Florin and Two Shilling Coins.The coin first popped the profile of the elegant Queen Elizabeth II on the pence piece on April 23, 1968.

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